Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Revolution!

After an extremely stressful 10-day stretch, I was finally done with all of the things that I needed to do with law review, work, and class.  I went to get some pants hemmed and then I was hungry.  After sifting through a massive amount of places that I wanted to eat, I finally settled on Revolution Brewing.  Revolution Brewing is located at 2323 N. Milwaukee and its website is

I was mainly looking forward to their homemade beers, but I had also heard that they had some pretty good food.  We started with the bacon fat popcorn, as it sounded ridiculously good.  I mean popcorn, bacon fat, bacon, and parmesan cheese?  How could that not be amazing?  Even though I had really  high expectations for it (and at only $4), it blew the doors off of anything I could have imagined.  The bacon was strongly applewood smoked.  The bacon alone with the cheese would have been a fantastic appetizer, but the popcorn took it to a whole other level.  It was definitely the best $4 dish I have ever had.  I wouldn't even complain if they doubled the price (though I hope they don't). 

I ordered a bacon burger for my main dish because, as you may know, I like to do plain things at places that I have never been to before.  If they can't do a plain thing right, I don't trust them to do something more complicated.  Though the burger was not on the same level as the unbelievable popcorn appetizer, it was quite good.  I ordered it medium and it was a little over done (like a medium well), but the bacon (as with the popcorn) was high quality and the onions were pretty good too.  I wolfed it down too quickly to take a picture.  No matter how many times that I have taken pictures of food that I eat, I can never get used to it.  I imagine that you have all seen a burger before though.

We ended with a bourbon soaked cherry cake.  Michelle had really high expectations, and she did not particularly like it.  I, on the other hand, was not really that excited about it, and I thought it was very nice.  The cherries were very tart and the cake had a mellow bourbon taste that contrasted with the cherries.  I would definitely get it again.

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