Monday, November 23, 2009

A Rarity

I'm not sure exactly how this all came about, but suddenly Michelle wanted to have Chicken Marsala for dinner.  While that may not seem like an unusual event (because Chicken Marsala is delicious), it is for me because, for reasons that are still unclear to me, she hates it.  Even though I was 99% certain that this was a trick of some sort (like she was going to try to sell me a timeshare or rope me into a ponzi scheme), I agreed for the simple reason that I love Chicken Marsala.  Here is the recipe.  It is one of my favorites.

Recipe (serves 2-3)
3 boneless skinless chicken breasts
2 sticks of butter
1 cup dry marsala wine
1/2 cup mushroom soaking water
1 cup of sliced mushrooms (I like portabello, but we used shiitake mushrooms in this one)
kosher salt

1.  Fill a bowl with hot water and put mushrooms in it, leave to the side for approximately 10 minutes.
2.  Put a large saute pan over medium heat and start the butter melting while you prepare the chicken
3.  Lightly salt and pepper both sides of the chicken.  Dredge in flour to coat the chicken.  Gently shake as to get rid of excess flour.
4.  When butter is melted and hot, put in the chicken for 4 minutes per side.
5.  When you are about halfway through cooking the second side (6 minutes in), remove the mushrooms from the water, gently squeeze out any excess water that the mushrooms may have soaked up back into the bowl they were in.  Put 1/2 cup of this soaking water (should be a reddish color) into a measuring cup (be sure not to get any dirt that may have settled on the bottom).
6.  When the first stage of cooking is completed (the first 8 minutes), add mushrooms to the pan, then pour in the marsala wine and the 1/2 cup of mushroom soaking liquid.  Cover and let cook for 12 minutes, flipping halfway through.
7.  After 12 minutes, remove the chicken and loosely cover with foil for a few minutes while you finish the sauce.
8.  Add about 1 tbsp flour to the pan and whisk until sauce thickens up and there are no visible traces of flour left (this will prevent it from separating for a while)
9.  Serve chicken and sauce over egg noodles.

...and yes, I did end up buying a timeshare.  It was that good.

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