Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dairy Thai

I was out in the suburbs on Saturday around lunch time to begin preparing for the Thanksgiving potluck dinner the following day.  Since I am tired of the usual fare in the burbs, I wanted to give something new a try.  I settled on Thai food since I am semi-addicted to their delicious cuisine.  I had never been to a Thai place in Elmhurst, so I was curious to try the place that went into the now defunct Dairy Queen space, Bambu Thai.  Bambu Thai is located at 1035 S. York Road, Elmhurst IL (http://www.bambuthai.com/). 

As is my usual custom, I ordered chicken pad thai.  The theory is that if the place can't do a chicken pad thai correctly, then it is not worth eating at.  Well, folks, this place certainly is not worth eating at.  This is the single worst bit of Thai food I have ever eaten.  I have eaten a whole bunch of gross things in my life (particularly when I was in college, like egg noodles and bbq sauce), and I've mostly finished them despite their less than stellar flavor.  I could not even take more than three bites of this pad thai (if it even deserves to be called that).  It was nearly flavorless, and what little flavor it did have was gross.  For some reason the lime wedge that was included with it did not even have any juice in it (that's not a joke).  When you can't even slice a lime correctly, you know something is seriously wrong.

After rejecting the rest of the meal like it was a mismatched organ transplant, I went over to Burger King for a quick bite.  I hate beating a dead horse, but when you get beaten out by Burger King, you are doing something wrong.

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