Monday, October 19, 2009

Getaway Day and Doughnuts

As mentioned in the previous post, I had a twenty page research-type paper due on Friday.  After spending the previous forty-eight hours pulling my hair out and staring at my computer until my eyes were bloodshot, I needed to get away from my place.  After a failed bid to get a flight to San Francisco with only seven hours of warning, we chose to head north to Lake Geneva.  I had it in my head that I wanted to eat a doughnut from an apple orchard.  For some reason, doughnuts made at apple orchards are at least ten to fifteen times as good as every other doughnut on the planet.  I'm also not clear on why all apple orchards serve doughnuts, but I am certainly not complaining.  We got up there around 12:30 pm, and were going to eat lunch; however, it ended up taking nearly two hours to find a place to eat since everywhere was closed during the day (Kirsch's), non-existent (screw you Fischers), or transformed into a Hong Kong restaurant (a place possibly called Frank's).  So due to lack of options, I ended up at Smoky's BBQ in the Timber Ridge Lodge (after getting lost in the incredible maze of wood paneled resort buildings).  The best word that could be used to described this place is "meh".  It was not terrible, though the raging hunger may have made it seem better than it really was (sorry no pictures, I forgot due to the hunger....Did I mention I was hungry?).  I also noticed that they had a thing for dousing their food in cumin, which was not the most pleasant thing in the world.  After that bit of semi-unpleasantness, we were off to the apple orchard.

It was a perfect fall day for apple picking, temperatures in the mid-fifties, and trees burgeoning with apples.

After picking way too many apples, I finally got my doughnuts...well, not before waiting in line.  Apparently it was doughnut day in Lake Geneva and every one in the surrounding townships flocked to the orchard to get their doughnuts that day.  To make matters worse, the orchard was down to their last fryer, so they had to make the sweet sweet pastries as they were ordered.  Finally, after having listened to the group in front of me have some absurd thirty minute conversation about Napa, I got what I came for.  It was hot (fresh from the fryer), soft, apple-y, cinnamon-y, full of cake-y goodness, with just a slight crunch from the granulated sugar.  Ohhh so delicious.  If there is one thing that really gets me in the fall spirit, its apple orchard doughnuts.

Also I bought a 65 pound pumpkin for $9

To conclude....  If you like confusion, hunger, everything being far away from everything else, places that don't really exist, cumin, apple orchard doughnuts, and gigantic pumpkins, then Lake Geneva is probably a place for you to visit.

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