Monday, October 19, 2009

Cuvee Cellars

I triumphantly returned to the Chicago-land area after my semi-disasterous trip out to Lake Geneva.  In order to get the bad parts out of my head, I decided to go to the happiest place on earth.  No, not Disneyland, I'm talking about Cuvee Cellars, the best wine bar/store in the area/world.  You can check this place out for yourself at  It is located at 545 Spring Road in Elmhurst, IL.  Cuvee Cellars specializes in California wines and Champagnes, but I have seen a few Oregons and Washingtons creeping onto the menu in the last couple of months.  Fortunately for everyone who visits, whoever is choosing wine to put on the menu is doing a spectacular job, so just trust their judgment.  Cuvee Cellars has a great selection of very popular wine, but it also has many wines that you will probably never see anywhere else.  Not only is the wine great, but the bartenders are nothing short of amazing.  John and Craig are the owners, and they are frequently working (at least on the weekends when I usually go), Nick, Peter, Joey, and Deanna (during the day) round out the all-star bartending cast.  No question that I've ever asked has gone unanswered no matter how off-the-wall or unrelated to anything it may have been.  Joey even once explained to me where babies come from...well, that didn't actually happen, but I'm sure he could have because he...Ok, I'll just stop here before this topic takes a turn in the wrong direction.  You get the idea, this place is great for anything.  You can buy presents for birthdays or holidays with the confidence that whatever you choose will be delicious.  You can stop in on a weekend and hang out all night (you will probably see me there if you go on a weekend, as an added bonus).  If you like to drink before noon, you can even do that since they open at 11am.  It's everything you could ever want in a wine bar and more, check it out.  Now.

My current favorite wine on Cuvee Cellars' menu.  Minds Eye Cabernet Sauvignon

 Cuvee Cellars is having a Halloween party.  You get 10% off if you come in costume...5% if it's a lame costume.

Other pics of the bar/store

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