Sunday, March 7, 2010

Trying to Make the Perfect Duck

I was extremely disheartened by how the duck dish I made for Valentines Day turned out, so I wanted to remake it so it was perfect.  I liked the sauce, so I felt that I could keep it the same and just shorten the cooking time.  While it turned out better than on Valentines Day, I feel it could still use some improvement.  For whatever reason, the sauce was thinner this time around, so next time I'd probably use less liquid in the sauce.

Instead of letting the duck rest in the pan when it was cooked, I took it out and covered it with foil.  While I got it to a medium-well instead of well done, I would still like it less cooked.  Apparently duck is way more difficult too cook correctly than most meats.  Next time, I may try cooking it sous vide just so I can't screw it up.  However, if I do cook it by pan roasting again, I will probably only put it in the oven for 15 minutes instead of 20 and only let it rest under foil for 5 minutes instead of 10.

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