Monday, December 21, 2009

More Finals Induced Eating

Writing about nearly every interesting thing that I eat makes me much more introspective of my eating behavior.  When I thought about the reasoning behind many of my posts, I realized that I'm a stress eater, or minimally a boredom eater.  Whenever I am immersed in something stressful or involved in some mind-numbing exercise of memorization (like finals studying), I always reach a point where I have to take myself out to eat.  I have no idea how I'm not 400 pounds because by all rights, I should be.  Along those lines, I took  myself out to Trattoria #10.  The restaurant is located at 10 N. Dearborn ( 

I used to come here with my uncle fairly often back in the day, but I haven't returned in about four years.  I was having a craving for some pasta, and since Merlo and I are still broken up, I decided to get back together with an old flame.

I knew walking in what I was going to get since I have had it several times, and it is definitely my favorite dish there: farfalle pasta with duck confit.  The pasta is accompanied with asparagus, pearl onions, pine nuts, mushrooms, and a beef demi-glace. 

I took the first bite, and it took me right back to the last time I was there.  The star of this plate is definitely the duck confit, it is amazingly tener and full of flavor.  The beef demi-glace serves to add to the intensity of the dish.  I've never had a pasta that has such hugh flavor.  The only complaint I have with this dish is that the beef demi-glace is a little bit glue-y (for lack of a better word).  I would guess that it is made with beef bones that make it more gelationous than if it were made in some other way.  In any event, I'd highly recommend this dish for anyone who tries Trattoria #10.  I apologize for the shadow of my head that's in the picture, but I was in a hurry.

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